An Influential Attitude

Did you know that we have the power to create a positive environment wherever we go? We can have a positive impact on our surroundings simply by having a great attitude!

Example of an Influential Attitude

Where were Paul and Silas?

What did they do in jail?

What attitude did Paul and Silas have?

What was the result of Paul and Silas worshipping God?

What happened to the jailer and his family?

An Attitude of Influence

How should we live? Why?

How would having an attitude like this change any environment?

How to Have Influence

What can you be thankful for?

How does this affect your attitude?

How was the environment changed by worshipping God?

How can being filled with worship change your environment?

Ask a Friend

Are you in any challenging environments?

What can you do to influence the situation?


Think of an environment or situation you can influence in a positive way this week. Enter that situation with an attitude of thanksgiving and worship. After, journal about it and discuss it with your leader. What went well? What was challenging? How can you improve next time?

Prayer Model

Thank You for Your love and forgiveness. Help me to have an attitude of thankfulness and worship in challenging situations.

Key Verse