Strengthening my Relationship with Jesus


Communion is also referred to in the bible as, The Lord’s Supper, Breaking Bread, and Giving Thanks. The picture is that of a simple shared meal. This was a time of being thankful, receiving healing, receiving forgiveness, and forgiving others through remembering Jesus’ work on the cross.

What Is Communion?

Do you think Jesus would like to have a meal with you?

What did Jesus say the bread represents?

What does the drink represent?

Where did people have communion?

Who can join in communion?

Describe how the people felt when they had communion together?

Forgiveness Through Jesus’ Blood

How did God show his love to us?

How have we been justified (declared 100% righteous)?

Do you feel 100% righteous?

Healing Through Jesus’ Body

What did Isaiah’s prophecy say would happen to Jesus?

Who can receive healing through Jesus’ wounds?

Jesus is extending forgiveness and healing to everyone who wants to come close to him. How do you feel about forgiveness and healing?

Ask a Friend

Have you ever been part of communion?

How do you feel about communion?


Next time you have a meal with your church family remember what Jesus has done for you, receive the meal, big or small, with a thankful heart, and if you need forgiveness or healing, take time to ask Jesus for help.

Prayer Model

Jesus, thank you for forgiving my sins through your blood. I know that your body was beaten and bruised, and you went through so much pain, so that I could receive forgiveness and healing.

Key Verse