Chapter 1b: What men Look for in Women

1. Love God, love people, and love me!
2. Confident!

You are journaling, praying, serving in church, and you have vision and direction in your life.

3. Well Groomed!

What does well groomed mean? It means someone who takes care of their external appearance by:

a. Wearing fashionable clothes and well matched shoes. Choose comfortable shoes that look great on you. If you’re not sure your shoes pass the “guy” test, ask a friend’s husband, or brother to give you their honest opinion. There are many styles that won’t break the bank yet are comfortable.

b. Avoiding sweatpants and baggy sweaters, unless you are going to the gym.

c. Avoiding clothes that make too strong a statement, e.g. gothic or cosplay, unless you’re waiting for that unique guy who loves all things gothic. Generally speaking, most guys will find it hard to see beyond the statement, even if you have the greatest personality and figure.

d. Sticking to mixing and matching solid colors rather than patterns, as patterns are harder to coordinate successfully.

e. Keeping hair clean and somewhat styled. Again, strong statement hair color or style may not be every guy’s cup of tea.

f. onsidering make-up that will add that finishing touch to your overall look. Find a style that suits your taste and budget. If you’re not sure where to start then consider the natural look as a good place from which to experiment. Many make-up counters at your local department store will often do your make-up for free. Make sure they provide a high level of hygiene and consider purchasing one or more items you like. See it as an investment. There are many affordable brands if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

4. Security in God!

Every woman wants a man to fully understand her and fully love her, but only God can do that for you. If you look to a man to do that, you will be disappointed – there are no perfect men. Most men know this; as a woman you need to know this too, and to look to God through prayer and journaling to satisfy your needs.

5. Make it easy for him to ask you out.

If you’re always surrounded by your own impenetrable fortress (group of friends), it’s going to be hard for most guys to reach you. So meet and get to know people outside your immediate group of friends. Be the kind of girl that includes other people in to her circle, or that is comfortable with going out of her circle.


What could you improve about yourself?