Meine Beziehung zu Jesus anfangen

Faith in Jesus

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

What is faith? Faith is being confident of things we haven’t seen yet. Faith is how we first come to God and are saved. It is the foundation of our lives as Christians.

Let’s read about Peter in Matthew 14:22-33.

Hear God’s Word

In Matthew 14:29, Jesus told Peter to come to Him on the water. Faith is about knowing and believing God’s Word to us from the Bible.

Where does faith come from?

Step Out in Faith

What did Peter do after Jesus told him to come?

Why is it not enough just to listen to God’s Word?

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Why did Peter begin to sink?

How does what we “see” discourage our faith?

How can we persevere in faith?

Don’t Doubt!

What are some reasons we doubt?

In Matthew 14:31, Jesus challenged Peter about his faith.

What are some reasons why we shouldn’t doubt?

Ask a Friend

Can you share a story about faith from your experience?
What are you believing for and expecting in this season?

How did you overcome doubt?


How can I personally increase my faith?

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, I thank You that Your Word is powerful and true. I take hold of Your Word and I fix my eyes on You. I believe in You and I thank You for what You will do in my life.

Key Verse

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