In meiner Beziehung zu Jesus wachsen


Strong & Courageous

Joshua was a strong and courageous man of God who lead his nation in to victory and fulfilled God’s purposes for his people. God promised Joshua success and prepared him for it. We can apply the principles of Joshua’s success to our own lives and see not just personal victories but advancement in God’s Kingdom.

God’s Promise of Greatness

What was Joshua’s relationship with Moses?

What role did God give Joshua that Moses was not able to complete?

What was God’s promise to Joshua? List the things God promised him.

God’s Call to Strength & Courage

Describe how God encourages Joshua.

What were God’s instructions?

How would following God’s instructions help Joshua?

Why do you think God wanted Joshua to succeed?

Joshua’s Response and Victory

What was Joshua’s response?

What does this tell you about the spiritual powers surrounding Joshua?

Who made Joshua successful and why?

How was Jericho defeated?

How did God bless Joshua?


How has God given you strength and courage in the past?

In what areas could God give you victory and success?


How could you apply what you learned from Joshua’s story to your own life?

What is something in your own life you need to have courage for?


Lord, I pray for courage and strength do the things you given me to do. I want to faithfully follow your instructions and the plan you have for my life.

Key Verse