Meine Beziehung zu Jesus anfangen

Putting God First

Consecrating Our Lives to God

To be consecrated means to “be holy,” or “set apart” for a special purpose. There is nothing more rewarding than living a life set apart for God. Putting God first and living every day with God’s plan in our hearts brings purpose and significance to our lives.

Making God Number One

Set Apart

How are we set apart?

No Idols

Why does God not want us to have other idols in our lives?

What was the promise for those who worship God only?

How did Jesus face this temptation?

From the following scriptures, what are some other examples idols we put before God?

How can wealth become an idol?

How does God want us to see wealth?

What was the more important thing?

Can family become an idol?

Can God restore our families to us if we put Him first?


In what ways has God challenged you recently to put him First?


What do you need to do to consecrate yourself to God?


Lord, help me to put you first in my life. I recognize that this is how I consecrate myself to you. I want to put aside all idols and distractions that try to tempt me away from you, and fulfill the plans you have for me.

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