Building Strong Foundations

The Process of Judgement

Judgment is a sorting process. The Greek word for judge is “Krino,” which means, “to separate or make a distinction, try, sentence and decide”. God will separate people on the basis of their response to Jesus, through examination and a final decree or decision.

Old Testament Picture of Judgment

What happened when the people grew impatient and spoke against God and Moses?

What happened when Moses prayed for help?

What happened to people who looked up to the bronze snake?

Note: Bronze symbolized judgment, yet there was also salvation.

New Testament Picture of Judgment

Do we deserve judgment?

What happens when we look up to Jesus’ work on the cross?

Who Will Be the Judge?

What Is the Process of Judgment?

Why is God’s judgment not like the courts?

Will Judgment Be Righteous and Just?

Read the following scriptures and name the key aspects of the process.

Is it impartial?

What is the message or Gospel?

Is it accurate?

What were they judged according to?

Will it be thorough?

What about secrets?


Do you have any other questions about the process of Judgment?


Why are these truths important?

How should the following scripture cause me to live?

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, thank You for Your work on the cross. I look to You for my salvation. Help me to live a thankful life, preparing here on earth for a purposeful eternity with You.

Key Verse