Directing Your Attitude

Like Joseph when he was placed in prison (Genesis 39:20-23), we often find ourselves in challenging situations. These challenges can cause us to feel discouraged if we do not know how to find purpose in our trials. Finding God’s purpose for you in challenges will help you maintain a positive attitude and bring you closer to God.

Purpose in Our Trials

What does this scripture mean by ‘darkness’ and ‘secret places’?

This scripture talks about ‘treasures’ and ‘riches’. What do you think it refers to?

Having a Positive Attitude

Where was Joseph?

How do you think Joseph’s attitude in prison helped him win favor with God and the people in prison?

How should we live every day?

The Best Is Yet to Come

What did Joseph become?

What can God achieve through your challenges?

Ask a Friend

Can you share about a situation where you received treasures during a difficult time?

What kind of attitude did you have during this time?

What was the outcome?


What will you do the next time you are in a challenging situation?

Prayer Model

Heavenly Father, thank You for always being with me. I know that you are in charge of my life and You will help me have a great attitude.

Key Verse