Starting my Relationship with Jesus


Why Is It So Important?

For Christians, Easter is the most important time of year. Easter is about remembering what happened to Jesus when he died and then came back to life. Jesus paid the penalty for our sin, and then He took victory over the power of sin so that we can be free from the key result of sin, which is death.

What Happened?

Read through each verse and make a note.

Why Did Jesus Die?

Jesus’ death was part of God’s plan to save everyone who will believe in Him. Prophecies in the Old Testament describe Jesus’ death (e.g. Isaiah 53)

Why did Jesus give His life?

Why did God send Jesus to die?

In what way was Jesus made a substitute for us?

Why Did Jesus Come Back to Life?

What happened three days after Jesus was buried?

How did Jesus come back to life?

What did Jesus achieve through His death and resurrection?

Why can Christians be confident that they will live forever?

Ask a Friend

  • What does Easter mean to you?
  • What is your response to the Easter message?
  • What other questions do you have about Easter?


  • Why is the message of Easter so important?
  • What does this message mean for your life?
  • How should we respond to it?

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, please forgive me for the wrong things that I have done. Thank You for dying so that I don’t have to die. Please help me to have freedom from sin every day.

Key Verse