Attitude and Decision Making

Life is all about making great decisions. Great decisions help us reach the destiny that God has
prepared for us. To do this, we have to have a good attitude.

What Is a Good Attitude?

Who should we be like? What kind of attitude should we have?

What kind of background did Esther have?

What decision did Esther have to make?

How could this decision have affected her destiny and the future of her family?

What was Esther willing to risk for what was right?

How did her attitude help her decision making?

Choose Your Attitude

What needs to be new?

How can this be done?

What can we use to test our attitude?

Ask a Friend

Are you living with a good attitude?

Can you think of a time when you had to make a decision in a difficult situation?

What was your attitude like when you made the decision?

What was the result of that decision?


What can you do today to have a better attitude?

Prayer Model

Thank You, Jesus, for helping me with my attitude. Help me to have a great attitude for the future so that I can make great decisions that will lead to a life full of blessing.

Key Verse