Building Strong Foundations

Judgement of Rewards

The Bible speaks of the judgment for believers, otherwise known as “The Judgment Seat of Christ,” this is where God rewards true believers for what they did with their lives while they were here on earth, whether good or bad

The Judgment Seat of Christ

How will our works be judged?

The Bible often mentions “crowns,” as rewards. What are the following crowns awarded for?

Winning and overcoming.

What Will Be Judged?

At least four specific areas of stewardship will be judged.

1. Time

Discuss how we should use our time, and what we should do with the time we have?

2. Money

Discuss how God wants us to use wealth. What are true riches?

3. Effort

Discuss how we will be judged based on how we use our resources and effort.

4. Responsibility


How should believers live up to their responsibility?


Teachers —

How should teachers live up to their responsibility?

Did We Do What We Were Created to Do?

Who are we?

What were we created for?

Who has prepared the work for us to do?


Do you have any questions about the judgment of believers and rewards?


How can we make sure that our work will stand the test of fire?


a) Motive – Why are we doing it?


b) Power – Whose power is it?


c) Obedience – Who are we obeying?


Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, please help me to use my time and resources effectively, so that I can accomplish what You have given me to do.

Key Verse