Creciendo en mi relación con Jesus

The Power of Words

The Tongue

The bible describes the tongue as a small but powerful part of our bodies. It can have a huge impact on the people around us, and our own lives, for good or bad. Therefore it’s in everyone’s best interest that we learn to control the words that come out of our mouth.


Read the following scriptures and make a comparison between good and bad words.

Our tongues speak out of who we are. What does this scripture say about the connection between words and hearts?

How are people who control their tongue blessed?

How can we stay out of trouble?


Is it right for praise and cursing to come out of the same mouth?

What kind of wisdom is this? Name the three areas that jealousy and selfishness come from.

What kind of wisdom do we need? Please describe.

Words That Bring Blessing

Describe how words can bring blessing.

Ask a Friend

  • Do you find it easy or hard to control your tongue?
  • Can you share a story about learning to control your tongue?


  • How can you apply something that you learned from this study to your life?
  • What new thing can you do this week to bless someone with your words?


Lord, please help me control my tongue. I want to be a person who blesses people with good words.

Key Verse