Growing in my Relationship with Jesus


For Such a Time as This

Esther is one of the great women of the bible. She was chosen to be queen by a Persian king in a country where her people were being oppressed. She discovered a plot to destroy her people, and found herself with a big decision to make. Because of her courage, God was able to use Esther to save her people.

Had to Make a Big Decision

What was the plot against her people?

When Mordecai, her uncle, sends word to her about the evil plot, what is her initial response?

How did she respond the second time?

Can you list some of the things Esther did when she stepped up to this big decision, what did she do to prepare to see the king?

Had Good Advice

What is her uncle’s advice to her?

How did her uncle help her see clearly the situation they were in?

The previous decree could not be reversed, so what new decree did Mordecai advice?

Had a Good Outcome

How did the king respond when Esther first approached him?

How did the king respond when Esther revealed her request?

What was the final outcome?


What do you do when you have big decisions to make?


  • What can you learn from Esther’s example?
  • Next time you have a big decision to make what sorts of things can you do to help you make a good decision?


Lord, help me to listen to good advice from people I respect and care about me. Help me to remember to always pray earnestly before making any big decisions.

Key Verse