Building Strong Foundations

Examples of Faith

Abraham – “Father of Faith”

The bible refers to Abraham as the “Father of Faith.” He received a promise from God that he would be the father of many nations, yet despite the fact that it looked impossible for him and his wife to have children, he chose to believe God would honor His promise. Abraham is a great example for us! Read about his faith in Romans 4:13-21.

How could Abraham receive this promise?

What was the condition of Abraham and Sarah’s body?

How did Abraham respond to the facts about their own condition?

What does this story teach us about faith?

About Faith

How do we get faith? What are some things you can do to hear “the word about Christ”?

How are we saved?

What do the righteous live by?

How can our faith be strengthened?

Miracles are meant to bring Glory to the Father and help increase our faith. What miracles have you seen that have increased your faith?

What is the perfect companion to faith?

What does the testing of our faith develop?


Has God given you a verse or promise from the Bible?

What do you need to do to receive God’s promises?


Let’s take a moment to ask God to reveal his promises to us, or think of a verse/promise from the Bible that God has reminded you of recently. Take a hold of that word, stir up your faith and think of a way that you can act on it. Hebrews 11 is about some great people of faith and the great things they did through faith in God.

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, thank You that Your Word is true. I grab hold of it and believe that by Your mighty power You can make Your promises a reality in my life.

Key Verse

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