A Courageous Attitude: What It Takes to Get to the Next Level in Life!

Courage is not the absence of fear, but doing things you are afraid to do. As we draw closer to God, we enter into new areas and seasons in our lives. Going to the next level often requires courage. When we try new things with a courageous attitude we are setting ourselves up to be successful on the path toward the amazing destiny that God has for us. We need to continue pushing forward with excitement and gain momentum to reach our destinies.

God Tells Us to Be Courageous

What does God tell us?

What is His promise?

Why do you think we should be courageous?

An Example of Courage: David

How did David show his courage?

What was the outcome?

How had David practiced courage?

How Do We Grow in Courage?

Who gives us courage?

What does God promise us?

What attitude did David have in this situation?

What kind of attitude should we have?

Ask a Friend

Do you think you are a courageous person? Have you ever experienced success because you stepped out in courage and attempted something you were afraid to do?


How can you step out and be more courageous?

Prayer Model

Lord, thank You that You are with me. Help me overcome my fears. Help me to be courageous when I face challenging situations.

Key Verse