Strengthening my Relationship with Jesus

Forgiveness = “Let It Go”

Releasing Others

When we do something wrong we can say sorry to God or to other people. But, what do we do when someone does something wrong against us? The word “forgiveness” in the Bible means to “release” or simply “let go.” In life, it is rare to receive an apology even though it’s natural for offenses and hurts to arise, but in order to have healthy relationships we will need to decide to “let go,” even if people don’t apologize to us. The Bible teaches us to forgive others just as we have received forgiveness from God.

Jesus’ Story About Forgiving Others

Why do you think Peter asked Jesus this question?

Why did the king forgive the man’s debt?

What was wrong with what the man did?

What was Jesus trying to teach Peter?

Why Should We Forgive Others?

What is the relationship between God forgiving us and we forgiving of others?

Why should we never judge others or take revenge?

How can we follow Jesus’ example?

Let It Go

How does unforgiveness affect or limit our own lives?

What are some of the things that we “hold on” to, that we need to let go?

How can this verse help us to forgive other people?

Ask a Friend

  • Can you share a story of forgiving someone?
  • Why and how did you forgive that person?
  • How did this help you?


  • How do we forgive someone?
  • What steps should we take to change our thinking and our actions?
  • Pray and ask God to help you forgive as often as you need to.

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, I thank you for forgiving me. And now I forgive and release anyone who has
hurt me. Please help to bless those people. I thank you that you heal my heart and release
me from any hurt or bitterness.

Key Verse

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