Growing in my Relationship with Jesus


From Insecurity to Strength

When the nation of Israel began worshipping other gods, God allowed them to be oppressed by other nations. A young Israeli farmer named Gideon was hiding from the enemy when he was called by God to be a mighty warrior! Gideon had to overcome insecurity in order to see himself as God saw him.

Insecurity Gets in the Way of God’s Calling

Why was Gideon hiding?

How did Gideon see himself?

How did Gideon respond?

Why did Gideon ask for a sign?

Security Is Found in God

How did God build security in Gideon?

What did God call Gideon?

How did God see Gideon?

How does God reassure him?

What does this verse say about God?

How does God respond to Gideon’s fear? And how does Gideon respond to God?

In the Face of Battle

How did God prepare Gideon for the battle ahead?


What can we learn from Gideon’s story about insecurity?


  • How can God help you overcome issues of insecurity?
  • What do you feel are your strengths?


Lord, I don’t always see my self as a hero, but whatever strength you have given me, I want to use to bring your plan into action in my life. Help me to grow in confidence and security.

Key Verse