Growing in my Relationship with Jesus

God’s Promise of Growth

Growth & Multiplication

God created all living things to grow and multiply. This growth and multiplication is not only physical but it’s also spiritual. While God wants us to experience growth personally, he also wants our growth and multiplication to extend to others. God wants his kingdom to be actively growing and multiplying so that all people can come to know him.

The Promise

What did God create people to do?

What purpose did He give us?

What promise did God make to Abraham?

Who would also benefit from this promise?

What Can Aid Growth & Multiplication?

What Can Hinder Growth & Multiplication?

What are the qualities mentioned of Abraham in the following scriptures that if we lack could hinder growth?


What does growth and multiplication mean to you?


  • What do you need to do to prepare for growth and multiplication?
  • What can you do to see growth and multiplication in God’s kingdom through your life?


Lord, help me to grow! I pray that nothing will hinder me from growing and multiplying. I want to live according to your plan and purpose for my life.

Key Verse