Growing in my Relationship with Jesus

Great Relationships

Putting Others First

Through the Bible, God teaches us how to have great relationships. Of course, it’s not about changing others, but about changing ourselves to become better family members, friends or life partners. We have to learn to think of others as being more important than ourselves.

Principles for Great Relationships

How should we act towards others?

How can these verses help you to have good relationships?

Being a Great Family Member

God promises a blessed life for those who honor their parents (Ephesians 6:1-3)

What can we do to make our parents happy?

Being a Great Friend

What can we learn from these Proverbs about being a great friend?

What can we learn from this verse about choosing friends, and about being a good friend?

Becoming a Great Life Partner

What kind of characteristics do we need to be a great husband or wife?

How should we treat other men and women that are not our partner?

Ask a Friend

Can you share a story about something you have done to fix a family relationship?

Do you have a story about something you did to improve a friendship?

Do you have any other questions about relationships?


What can you do to improve the relationships you have?

What can you do this week to be a good friend?

How can we make new friends?

What can you do to prepare to be a good life partner?

HOMEWORK: Try some of the things from the application section and report back on these to the group next week.

Prayer Model

Dear God, I thank You that You want me to have great relationships and that in the Bible You have shown me how to have them. I commit all of my relationships to You.

Key Verse