Strengthening my Relationship with Jesus


Our Eternal Home

Heaven is a real and wonderful place! For those that accept God’s invitation by believing in Jesus, Heaven is a paradise and a future home where we will be able to live in God’s presence forever. The truth about how to get to heaven is so wonderful that we should share it with others.

A Real, Eternal Home in Heaven

How does Jesus describe heaven?

Why can we look forward to heaven?

God’s Invitation, Our Choice

Although God wants everyone to go to heaven, we cannot go to heaven unless our relationship with God is right.

What kind of place will we go to if we don’t go to heaven?

In what way is it our choice whether we will go to heaven or hell?

What does it mean to “follow the narrow path”?

Telling Others

Why would it be wrong for us not to tell others about heaven and how to get there?

Does this story motivate you to tell others about Jesus? Why?

What can we look forward to as a result of following Jesus and telling others about His Good News?

Ask a Friend

How can you be sure that you will go to heaven?

Do you have any other questions about what happens when we die?


What can we do to help other people get to heaven?

Prayer Model

Heavenly Father, I thank You that there is a real, eternal home for me in heaven. I ask for opportunities to help other people to enter heaven. And I look forward to spending eternity praising You!

Key Verse