Chapter 1a: What Women Look for in Men

1. Love God, love people, and love me!
2. Confident!

You are journaling, praying, serving in church, and you have vision and direction in your life.

3. Well Groomed!

What does well groomed mean? It means someone who takes care of their external appearance by:

a. Wearing fashionable clothes and shoes that will make a good first impression..

b. Avoiding wearing funky smelling shoes, or clothes that have been left out in the rain. And if you don’t like ironing, stick to clothes that need little or no ironing.

c. Being as fashionable as you can. Most women find it hard to imagine how good you “could” look. Ask a fashionable guy friend for some tips. We suggest clothes with more monotone colors rather than patterns. Patterns are much harder to coordinate successfully.

d. Showering/bathing and keeping your hair clean. I once heard of a guy who said his hair was self cleaning so he didn’t feel he needed to wash it? Oh, and wearing deodorant – daily, is very important.

e. Brushing and flossing your teeth. Oral hygiene is very important. (You don’t want your breath to smell like a small dead animal).

4. Have a vision!

A vision to excel in your work (whatever that may be), to start a new venture, to do further studies, to excel in serving people and God, to have a great marriage, to manage your finances well, to be generous, etc. Guys with vision have direction for their lives and girls will find them irresistibly attractive. Vision gives structure to your dreams and how you live your life and who you share your life with. As a Christian man you should really look to God for vision that will help you live a full and satisfying life. If you are not sure what your vision is, start by serving God and people – and vision will come.

5. Be brave!

Commit to growth and leadership. Don’t be afraid to take some risks. Ask a girl out! If you get some rejections (most will), you will realize what all men realize sooner or later, that they’re not everyone’s cup of green tea. Don’t lose heart and remember that there are plenty more fish in the sea.


What could you improve about yourself?