Strengthening my Relationship with Jesus

Hope for Healing

Jesus’ Love and Power

Many times, Jesus showed His love and power by healing people. Every person that reached out in faith to Jesus was healed. Today we will read about one woman who believed and the way that she received a miracle. We need to be ready to receive God’s miraculous healing power today.

Reach Out in Faith

What was wrong with the woman?

Why do you think she believed that Jesus could heal her?

What decision did she make and what action did she take?

What does Jesus promise in this scripture?

Jesus’ Love

How did Jesus show His love to the woman in this story?

Why did Jesus heal these people?

Jesus’ Power

What happened when the woman touched Jesus’ coat?

Why did Jesus notice the woman?

Why was the woman healed?

How did Jesus show His power in this story?

How do we know that Jesus can still heal today?

Ask a Friend

Can you share a story of being healed?


Does anyone have a need for healing?
We can pray right now for Jesus to show His love and power by healing you.
Begin to meditate on and memorize verses that encourage your faith for healing. (e.g. Isaiah 53:5, Matthew 21:22, James 5:16)

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, I thank You that You love me and care about me. I believe that You have the power to heal me. I reach out to You in faith for complete healing.

Key Verse

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