Growing in my Relationship with Jesus

How Can I Be Fruitful?


God has called us to be fruitful! He has chosen us to take on His fruitful nature and His purpose to multiply our lives and His kingdom. This is a great challenge but it’s also the most significant and rewarding thing we can achieve in our lives.

Producing Fruit

What does God do so that each part of the branch is fruitful?

How can we remain fruitful?

How do we give glory to the Father and show that we are His disciples?

Fruit vs No Fruit

What can we learn about God’s value on fruitfulness from the following verses?

Why Be Fruitful?

What have we been appointed to do?

How can this scripture encourage those who might be feeling barren?

What is this parable a picture of?

Why should we feel encouraged to keep scattering seeds?


What does fruitfulness mean to you?


What would you need to do to see an increase of fruitfulness in your life?


Lord, help me be fruitful! Thank you that you provide everything I need to be fruitful. I want to have an abundance of fruit so that I can help others be fruitful too.

Key Verse