How to Journal

Reading and thinking about God’s word daily helps us to grow stronger and closer to God. A journaling model like the one below will help you to make a habit of Bible reading and to apply God’s word to your life everyday.

A Bible reading plan will help you to decide purposefully what to read, there is an example over the page. Take opportunities to look back at what God has been saying to you, and be ready to share God’s fresh word with your friends.

Journaling Model

1. Write the date.

2. Write “Theme” next to the date, but leave it blank till later.

3. Note the Bible text that you will read for that day.

4. Write some thoughts from the passage, noting a key thought.

5. Write a one-line prayer from the key thought.

6. Go back and fill in the “Theme” using just a phrase.

After a few weeks you will see patterns in what God is saying to you for your life.

Journaling Example

January 22nd

Matthew 13:1-24

• The farmer, God, always sows seed, His Word

• The fruitfulness of the seed depends on what type of ground it falls on

• The seed is God’s truth

• The seed that falls on good soil has multiplied fruitfulness: x30, x60, x100!

Key – I should prepare my heart to be ready (good soil) for God’s Word.

Prayer – God, I prepare my heart to hear Your Word today.

* * *

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