Strengthening my Relationship with Jesus

Jesus’ Resurrection

Jesus Came Back to Life!

Great news! Jesus came back to life! This means that He is more powerful than death and that we can look forward to living eternally with Him. We can live in this same power of resurrection and with a great sense of hope about our eternal future!

Jesus’ Victory Over Death

How was Jesus’ body buried and guarded?

What happened on the Sunday morning?

What did Jesus do after he was killed?

How many people saw Jesus alive again?

Our Response

How can we be saved and receive eternal life?

How should receiving this new life change the way we live?

How should receiving this new life change the way we think?

Our Hope

What does Jesus’ resurrection mean for us?

How does Jesus’ resurrection help us when we are having a difficult time?

How can we have great hope in our future?

Ask a Friend

Do you believe in the resurrection?

Do you have any other questions about Jesus’ resurrection?


How do you think the resurrection of Jesus could change your life?

What kind of mental attitude can we have for the future?

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, You are wonderful and powerful! I believe in Your resurrection and I will live for You. I receive Your resurrection power and look forward to an eternity with You.

Key Verse