Trusting God

Trusting God enables us to walk towards the incredible future that God has prepared for us. In order to trust God we need to learn about His character and find our identity in Him

God’s Character

In order to trust God we need to know God.

What can we learn about God from this verse?

What did God do? Why did He do it?

What does this reveal about God’s character?

Why did Jesus come?

Identity in God

Confidence and trust in God comes from knowing that we are forgiven and already made right with God through our relationship with Jesus.

Read the following scriptures; what do they tell you about your identity in God?

Trusting God

Trusting God leads to an assurance of a bright future.

What future does God have planned for you?

Do you see your future as God does?

What hope do you have for your future?

What is possible with God if we put our trust in Him?

What does God tell you to do? Why?

Ask a Friend

What area do you struggle with when it comes to trusting God?

How can you rely on God more?


What are you hoping for?

Let’s put faith into action and trust God more for our future.

Prayer Model

Thank you God that You are always with me and You have an amazing plan for my future. Help me to trust You as I pursue a closer relationship with You. Show me Your ways and prepare me for the future.

Key Verse

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