Starting my Relationship with Jesus

Four Basic Truths About God

Just as there are physical laws, like gravity, that govern our universe, there are also basic Biblical principles that show us how we can relate to God.

God Loves You and Offers a Wonderful Plan for Your Life.

God’s Love –

How has God shown His love to us?


God’s Plan –

What did Jesus come to give us?

We Are Sinful and Separated From God. Therefore, We Cannot Know and Experience God’s Love and His Plan for Our Lives.

We are sinful –

What do you think sin is?


We are separated –

How and why are we separated from God?

What other things do we try to use to fill this gap between us and God?

Jesus Christ Is God’s Only Solution to Our Sin. Through Him We Can Know and Experience God’s Love and His Plan for Our Lives.

What did Jesus do for us?

What happened after Jesus died?

How can we get to the Father in heaven?

We must receive Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Lord.
Then we can know and experience God’s love and His plan for our lives.

Ask a Friend

When and why did you start to believe in Jesus?

What difference has He made to your life?


We need to receive Christ

We can receive Christ through faith

When we receive Christ, we experience a new birth

These decisions are personal decisions

If you have not yet received Jesus in your life, would you like to receive him?

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, I thank You that You love me and You died for me to pay the penalty for my sins. Please forgive my sins and come into my heart. Thank You, Jesus.

Key Verse

Study Topics