Starting my Relationship with Jesus

Water Baptism

Showing Your Faith

To baptize means to immerse in water. In the Bible, many people were baptized to show that they had changed their lives. Christians are baptized as a step of obedience to Christ, to publicly show that they believe in Jesus.

Baptism in the Bible

Why did Jesus ask to be baptized?

What happened when Jesus was baptized?


Who is baptism for?

The Meaning of Baptism

What happens when we are baptized? What does it show?

The Command to Be Baptized

Why should we be baptized?

The Blessings of Baptism

You can celebrate and rejoice that God has set you free from sin and that you have new life and victory in Jesus.

How does this public declaration of faith bless you?

Ask a Friend

Please share about your baptism. Why, when, and how did you get baptized?

What other questions do you have about water baptism?


If you believe in Jesus, but are not yet baptized, make sure you get baptized.

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, please help me to understand the meaning of baptism and please help me to make a good decision about getting baptized.

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