Connect Group Leaders Training

Step 3: Keys To Help People Grow

1. Lifehouse DNA
2. Alpha Course
3. Freedom Course (See Website).
4. Connect Groups
5. Dream Team
6. Leadership Training Track

Two Moments

  • Before they become believers
  • After they become believers

Before They Become Believers

Introduce new people to:

  • Yourself – Meet and warmly greet people.
  • Connect Group – (Bible or Community Connect Groups).
  • Connect Group members (work as a team).
  • Lifehouse DNA
  • Alpha Course / Freedom Course (If this is a better fit).
  • Journaling.
  • Simple prayer.
  • Clean heart.
  • A teachable attitude towards God’s Word.

After They Become Believers

Introduce people to:

  • Alpha Course
  • Baptism – (do the Baptism study)
  • Freedom Course
  • Clean heart
  • Sexual Purity
  • Sharing their faith.
  • How to become more like Jesus.
  • Serving on the Dream Team (Lifehouse DNA).
  • Becoming a leader.

Connect Group Leaders Goals

The main thing is to help people be responsible for their own growth and guide them through the Next Steps of that growth:

  • Offer Biblically up-lifting words and encouragement.
  • Understand that the individuals receiving it have the freedom and choice to make their own decisions and their own mistakes.
  • Guard against co-dependency; set respectful time limits during which people can seek help and advice. For example, contact of Connect Group leaders, Hub leaders, and Pastoral staff should be made within reasonable hours unless it is an emergency.
  • Point people to Christ and therefore ask: “Have you prayed about this situation? What does the word of God say about this?” “Let’s pray together.” Encourage them to pray to God for their own needs, i.e. they can have their own prayer life.
  • Refer people to professional services. When people need more than Biblical teaching and prayer, please point them towards a doctor or counseling professionals outside the church.

Examples of types of services, outside the church, that members can be referred to are: professional counseling for suicidal tendencies, depression, anxiety, medical assistance, and social services such as women’s refuge (in particular for victims of domestic violence), as well as homeless shelters.

Lifehouse Services (Inside the Church)


  • Weekly Sunday services
  • Bible
  • Connect groups
  • Community Connect groups
  • Dream Team


  • Lifehouse DNA
  • Connect Group leaders
  • Training Course
  • Marriage Preparation
  • Marriage Workshop
  • Parenting Workshop
  • Alpha Course
  • Freedom Course

Practical Care

  • New baby gift pack
  • Prayer
  • Referral to professional services (outside the church)

Connect Group Member Goals

  • To be part of the life of the Church:
    – Church service.
    – Connect Group.
    – Dream Team.
  • To journal.
  • To pray.
  • To commit to living a Godly and pure life.
  • To be polite and excuse themselves if they can’t attend the group. This is not about asking for permission, it’s simply good manners.
  • To enjoy and develop friendships.
  • To request help when help is needed. Lifehouse Church is committed to ministering sensitively to those who seek help, are sick, dying and the bereaved by offering a Biblical perspective and support through visiting members who are ill, housebound, or in hospital. (Connect Group leaders can ask their Hub Leader for advice if pastoral assistance is needed with visitation).
  • To receive Biblical teaching with a thankful heart, and take personal responsibility for receiving and responding to Biblical principles, understanding that they are free to make their own decision.
  • To understand that the Connect Group leader is responsible before God and accountable to the church leadership.