Starting my Relationship with Jesus

Life’s Foundation

Building on the “Rock”

Jesus taught many things in the Bible that can help us in our lives. In this story that Jesus told, we can learn how important it is to build our lives on a strong foundation.

Building Your Life

In the story, what do you think the house represents?

What are the differences between a wise person and a foolish person in this story?

The Foundations of Life

Why do you think that it’s important to have strong foundations to build our lives on?

What kind of things do we build our lives on? (e.g. relationships, education)

The Storms of Life

The rain and the wind represent troubles that come in our lives. What are some examples of the difficulties we face in life?

How could the storms of life destroy our “house”?

Ask a Friend

What are the foundations of your life?

Have your foundations been strong through the “storms” of life?


How can you make the foundations of your life stronger?

In which areas of your life do you think you could depend on God more?

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, please help me to be wise as I make important decisions about my life. Please show me where my foundations are weak and please make them stronger as I trust in You.

Key Verse