Strengthening my Relationship with Jesus


The Way of Faith

Abraham is known as “the father of faith.” He achieved great things simply because he believed what God had said to him. God was pleased with Abraham because he had faith. And God blessed Abraham and his descendants. By faith in Jesus we have also become Abraham’s descendants and are participants in the promise. The promise belongs to us!

God’s Promise

Make a list of the things God promises to Abraham.

Why was Abraham considered righteous?

Who are the real children of Abraham?

Who would be blessed through Abraham?

Who can share in Abraham’s blessing or promise?

Abraham’s Relationship With God & How it Affects Us

What was Abraham’s relationship with God based on?

What is Abraham the father of?

How would you describe Abraham’s faith in God’s promise?

What does Abraham’s faith in God mean for us?

All of God’s Promises Fulfilled

Describe how God’s promise was fulfilled and is being fulfilled.

Describe how God’s promise was fulfilled.

Who do the promises belong to?


In what way does Abraham’s faith inspire you?


What promises has God given you?

In what areas could you increase your faith?


Lord, I pray that my faith will increase. I want to hold onto your promises confidently knowing that you will make it happen.

Key Verse

Study Topics