Building Strong Foundations

Foundation Truths (Part 2)

The author of Hebrews found the people to be immature because of a lack of disciplined study. Instead of being able to teach others, they needed to have someone teach them the first principles of Christian living again. They had never been properly taught, planted or given a solid foundation.

Here the author actually tells us what the first principles (primary foundations) are, the reasons why we need them, and the consequences of not having them in our lives.

Christian Foundation Stones – Part 2

What are the foundations in our key scripture?







Neglecting vs. Cultivating Spiritual Foundations

What does Jesus call those who are not submitted to His Lordship and commands?

Can one hear and not do?

Who is commended?

What are the people who hear and do God’s Word like?

What are people who hear and do NOT do God’s Word like?

What happens to a house without a foundation?


  • How have your foundations been tested in the past?
  • How do you feel you did during that testing time?


  • How do you think you can better stand the storms of life?
  • What did you learn today that you feel will help you to build a stronger foundation?

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, thank You for Your Word, which helps me face life’s many challenges. Help me to grow in maturity so that I can then help others.

Key Verse

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