Leading Others to Jesus

Making Disciples

Jesus Our Strong Foundation

Making disciples is all about connecting people to Jesus. Jesus is the good shepherd and he wants His disciples to know His voice and follow Him. He has chosen us, not only to tell people about Him, but He has also empowered us to help disciples build strong foundations that will cause them grow and be close followers of Jesus.

The Call to Discipleship

What mission has Jesus for us?

Disciples Know the Shepherd’s Voice

Why is important for people to know God’s voice?

What can we learn from these verses about God’s role?

What do the following verses tell us about our role?

Why Is It Important for Disciples to Disciple Others?


  • Who introduced you to Jesus? How did they do it?
  • How did they help you grow?
  • What are some small steps you can take to introduce your friends to Jesus?
  • How can you help others grow?


Jesus, please help me tell others about my new life with you. And teach me how to help hungry people grow.

Key Verse