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Baptism in the Holy Spirit

The main evidence that someone is being filled with the Holy Spirit is a demonstration of power for ministry in some kind of vocal way. This includes speaking in other tongues, prophecy, singing, preaching, proclaiming, or speaking boldly. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is an experience that is continuous. It’s a lifestyle! The Father fills us with His Holy Spirit so that we can have power to live our lives and minister to others.

Who Is the Holy Spirit?

A Person – equal with Jesus & the Father

A Promise

A Gift

A Seal (mark) of Ownership

A Guarantee

A Deposit

A Companion

A Counselor

The Truth

What Is the Holy Spirit For?

What Are the Results?

The Greek word and meaning (tense) are shown in brackets [ ].

Elisabeth filled with the Holy Sprit.
[Pletho — to fill, supply] → She prophesied.

The Holy Sprit was upon Simeon.
[Ep — upon] → He prophesied.

Jesus full of the Holy Spirit.
[Pleres — to fill] → He was teaching, empowering.

(Disciples) will be clothed, endued with power.
[Enduo — to come upon, to sink down] → Power for ministry.

Peter filled with the Holy Spirit.
[Plestheis — filled at that very moment] → He preached.

Holy Spirit fell on Cornelius’ household.
[Epipipto — to come upon, to fall upon] → They spoke in tongues, and exalted God.

Disciples filled with the Holy Spirit.
[Pleroo (iterative tense) — filled again or continuously] → Spoke, multitudes believed.

Who Can Receive the Holy Spirit?

How Often Can People Be Filled With the Holy Spirit?

What Are ‘Tongues’ For?

Why are intelligent words and prophecy better than ‘tongues’ in a public setting?

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How can we receive the Holy Spirit?

Prayer Model

Holy Spirit, I ask You to come and live in me, and fill me with Your power to minister to others.

Key Verse

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