Strengthening my Relationship with Jesus


God’s Plan (Will) for Our Lives

God has a plan and a purpose for our lives. He has called us into a relationship with Him and to be part of His mission — helping others come into a relationship with Him. He has a specific role for us to play and as we continue to seek Him, He will to reveal the good plans He has for our lives.

God’s Plan for You

What kinds of plans do you think God has for us?

What do we need to do to find God’s will?

Why should we trust God’s plan for us?

How does God’s word guide us?

How does God’s Spirit guide us?

What can we learn about God’s plans for our lives from the following scriptures?

God’s Plan for the World

What is God’s plan for the world?

Ask a Friend

What is God’s plan for your life?


How can you get to know God’s plan for your life? What part do you think God wants you to play in His plans and purposes for the world?


Lord, thank You for your great plan. Through Jesus I’ve been given a future full of hope.

Key Verse

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