Dream Team Training

Dream Team 2: Qualities of a Great Dream Team Member

Dream Teams are passionate about the Church and the presentation of the Good News. These teams generously serve using God-given gifts & skills to create an atmosphere of faith that will serve to reach people. They also facilitate and maintain great working relationships among the team. 


We ask all Dream Team members to develop the following great qualities of a Dream Teamer.

  • Turning up happy! 
  • Serve with excellence (excellence is an attitude not perfection).
  • A willingness to communicate.
  • Be consistent and pay attention to responsibilities.
  • A strong sense of accountability.
  • A willingness to understand their role(s) and strengths.
  • Look for ways to show appreciation by honoring and thanking people.
  • Let people save face by helping them rectify mistakes.  
  • Be quick to give credit rather than take it.
  • Be willing to share: credit, victories, and disappointments.
  • Be humble, relate to people as equals not underlings.  
  • Be punctual and eagerly meet deadlines.
  • Be available for short team meetings, training or practice.
  • Honor the roster and communicate any changes in advance.
  • Aim to reply to emails, messages, or phone calls within 24 hours.
  • If time allows, be available to help when needed or asked.
  • Plan to be available for significant events in the life of the church (eg. Lifehouse Conference, etc.
  • Be a great example.
  • Be willing to work alongside other teams.
  • Be willing to resolve conflict.
  • Be a learner—Look for resources that will help you grow in your skill area.
  • Feel free to report any concerns to the Dream Team leader.

Leading In Joy

  • Journal as a priority. Hearing the voice of God on a regular basis will keep your heart and mind healthy.  
  • Pray first. In whatever season of life, pray! 
  • Clean heart. This is a process of forgiving others and letting go of those sticky hurts and disappointments.
  • Talk with leadership. Feel free to talk with your coach and disclose any matters related to heart and health. Lean into God’s established spiritual authority and allow them to pastor you.
  • Establish your top priorities and place them on the schedule first. Time with God, family, church, work etc. Then add the smaller items. (hobbies, etc.)
  • Establish a healthy rhythm of life. A full life includes a variety of activities such as reading the Word, prayer, riding a bike, hanging with friends, developing leaders, participating in a Connect Group / Community Connect, working, taking the kids for an ice cream, attending a church service, serving on the Dream Team, hobbies, etc.
  • Create and maintain margin. Avoid the temptation to fill every single minute of the week with a planned activity. Leave open space on your calendar. Creating margin allows life to be spontaneous.
  • Set aside time to refresh. Whether it’s a vacation, experimenting with a new hobby, or enjoying some rest, put excitement into your life. What makes life fun for you and gives you energy? Put it in your schedule!
  • Accountability. We were not designed to do life alone, and establishing healthy boundaries is something you can look to spiritual authority to help walk through different seasons of life with you.
  • Let God do His work. It’s the Holy Spirit’s role to save souls. Our role is to point people to Jesus and display the love of God. God stirs hearts toward salvation. We serve—doing our part and leave the rest to God.


Leading The Way In Social Media

 As volunteers in the church we not only reflect the church but also Jesus. If our online posts are argumentative, controversial, or offensive, the church and local community is not served well, nor is God glorified. 

  • Celebrate Jesus — More than yourself, social, cultural or political issues. While what we post may not change the world, Jesus can transform lives. 
  • Anticipate the impact of your words and images. Our opinions can touch people intellectually, emotionally, and physically (suicide is a serious problem). What we wrestle with intellectually, others may feel personally.
  • Take responsibility. Always post honest and accurate information or news, and if you make a mistake, be transparent and correct it quickly. 
  • Give Credit. When posting other people’s material, get permission if it’s required, and give credit to the artist or owner. Link to the source where possible. 
  • Present the church with excellence. As a Dream Teamer, once you associate yourself with Lifehouse Church, others will too, so present yourself and the church with integrity.


Leading The Way In Business Contacts In The Church

We desire to create a safe place for people to experience God and church life. People generally expect that church should NOT be a place where business is conducted. We don’t want to create an environment where the motive for relationships is perceived to be influenced by business opportunities. Therefore, here are some helpful tips: 

  • Conduct business in a manner worthy of our values. Please refrain from selling or promoting products or services within the church. This includes distribution, advertising, invitations, SNS, using church Line groups, phone contacts list, or emails, for the purposes of soliciting business, party-plan selling, multi-level marketing, and network marketing.
  • Keep business promotions separate from church/personal. Set up a separate social media account for business.
  • Personal sales or product deliveries should not be made in church buildings or at church activities. This includes events, Connect Groups, Dream Teams etc. 
  • We recommend Dream Teamers refrain from seeking professional advice or making business enquiries during church activities. Let Church be Church.
  • Lifehouse church does not take any responsibility for any business transactions between church members.
  • Lifehouse Church will promote certain activities, products, and services within the bounds of the expectations of a church and where they are considered beneficial to members.


Leading The Way In Confidentiality

While confidentiality is important for honest open relationships, we ask Dream Team members to inform their Coach if they have concerns regarding their own or other peoples safety or well being. Please be discreet when sharing information but never promise confidentiality. 

  • Information given in prayer shouldn’t be put on social media of any kind, even as encouragement or sympathy. Please ask for permission first.
  • Dream Team Coaches should seek guidance from pastoral staff when faced with ethical dilemmas in regards to people at risk and the law. If there is a risk of harm, either to the person concerned or to others, leaders must consider it their legal duty to break confidence .