Strengthening my Relationship with Jesus

Reaching the Lost

God’s Priority!

Lost people are God’s highest priority. It is God’s desire that every person is found and that they have a relationship with Him. Jesus came to earth to save “lost” people (including us) and He wants us to partner with Him in this great purpose.

Lost Sheep and Lost People

In what way were we lost?

How were the people lost?

God’s Heart for Lost People

How does this show that lost people are important to God?

Why did Jesus come to earth?

What kind of people did Jesus come for?

Our Hearts for Lost People

Why did Paul try to relate to others?

What was Paul willing to give up so that others would be saved?

What part do we play in reaching the lost?

Ask a Friend

  • How were you “found”?
  • What did God do to find you?
  • How did people help you to become a Christian?


  • Let’s ask God to change our hearts so that we understand His priority for lost people. Let’s ask God to help us to think of three people who are lost, so that we can pray for them daily. Your prayers are effective, and God will start to help you in reaching out to your friends.
  • Make a habit of praying every day for the three people that God has put on your heart.
  • Do one new thing this week to reach out to lost people.

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, I thank You that You loved me enough to find me and save me. Lord, please make my priority the same as yours, and please use me in Your plan to reach out to many people.

Key Verse

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