Leading Others to Jesus


Encouragement from God builds us up and helps us to stay on track in our relationships with people. As a church, we have the great privilege of encouraging each other. This presents us with the opportunity at becoming excellent encouragers.

Encouraged by God and His Word

Can you describe from the following scriptures how God encourages us?

Encouraging Each Other

How do the following scriptures describe people encouraging each other?

Why do you think Barnabas was given his nickname?

Ask a Friend

  • How are we encouraged?
  • Can you share a story about how you were encouraged?
  • Why do you think it’s important to encourage other people?


  • What are some ways you could encourage other people this week?
  • Ask God to help you see the opportunities.


Lord, Help me to see opportunities to encourage other people. Help me to have ideas to bless people with my words. I want to change their day for the better, and maybe also bring them a little closer to God.

Key Verse