Finishing Well: An Attitude of Success

Having an attitude of perseverance is important in life if we want to finish well. Regardless of the
circumstances we find ourselves in, we should always make it a priority to have a winning attitude.
Being focused on the finish line can help us have an attitude of success and finish well.

A Winning Attitude

Who is fit for service in the kingdom of God?

What does a successful attitude look like?

3 Keys to Finishing Well

A: Stay full of vision

What happens when you do not have a vision?

How is that different to living a life full of vision?


B: Eat right and rest well

What do we need to do every day?

How can we make this part of our daily routine?


C: Eliminate Plan B

What task should we focus on finishing?

Working Together to See the Completion of God’s Vision

What is God’s vision?

Know and Use Your Gifts

What gifts should we excel in?

What are your gifts?

How can you use your gifts?

Ask a Friend

How can you be full of vision?

How can you commit to finishing well?


Are you a part of a team at your local church?

How can you use your gifts to build the team?

Prayer Model

Help me to have a great attitude and to finish well. Help me to keep Your vision in mind so I can give my best in every situation.

Key Verse