Building Strong Foundations

Laying-on of Hands (Part 2)

When we lay hands on people, our hands become like an electric conduit that is plugged into God. We are imparting something of God’s work on people. Because laying-on of hands is always outward focused and working toward building the next generation, it is important to stay connected to God.

Areas of Impartation:

6. To Impart Spiritual Gifts

Prophecy in association with the laying-on of hands is a dual means through which a spiritual gift is imparted.

Identify and discuss your area of spiritual gifting and how you can use it to build the church.

Pray together and ask God for an increase in this area of gifting.

7. To Release Blessing

The following examples show that a blessing could be imparted both through the laying-on of hands and through reaching hands towards people but not necessarily having physical contact.

How were the people blessed in these examples?

8. Commission of Ministry

Leaders within the church can appoint select people, who are filled with the Holy Spirit, to do specific ministry roles within the church.

How did they serve the church?

Appointing or commissioning leaders into ministry is also a process of identification.

Why does Paul warn against being too quick in the laying-on of hands to appoint leaders?


Discuss and identify what areas of spiritual gifting have been imparted to you.


Based on your gifting and passion how can you serve and build the body of Christ in your local church?

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, let Your hand of blessing be upon my life. Please reveal the spiritual gifts imparted to me. Help me to use them with confidence to impart blessings to others and for Your glory.

Key Verse

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