Growing in my Relationship with Jesus

Living for Eternity


A Life With Purpose

God is eternal, and he encourages us to live our lives with an eternal perspective and purpose. In fact, his promise to us is that when we put our faith in him, we will spend eternity with him in paradise.

Eternal Promise

What do the following scriptures say about eternity?

What is God’s promise?

Who is the promise for?

World vs Eternal Perspective

What do the following scriptures say about life in this world vs life in eternity?

What is Paul’s perspective on this life and it’s difficulties?

What does he look forward to?

Eternal Purpose

What does Jesus ask us to do?

What does he promise?

What responsibility has God given us?

How do the following scriptures encourage us to live a purpose filled life?


How does having an eternal perspective shape your life and priorities?


What can you do, or change in your life to be more focused on eternity?


Lord, please help me live my life with purpose. I want to treasure those things that have eternal value, like relationships and the people you have placed around me.

Key Verse