Leading Others to Jesus

Raising Up Leaders

During Jesus’ three years of ministry with His disciples they saw every thing He did and how He ministered to people. By following Jesus example, and the enabling of the Holy Spirit, the disciples became powerful ministers of the gospel wherever they went. And through the power of the Word and miraculous signs and wonders they established the foundations of the early church.

Show Them

Read the following scriptures and sum up with one to two words what Jesus was modeling to them.

Train Them

What instructions and training was Paul giving to Timothy?

How did Timothy learn to teach from Paul?

What skills will we gain through training in the Word?

Empower Them

What was Jesus authorizing the disciples to do?

What did Jesus give the disciples as he sent them out?

How did they receive power?

What was the power for?

What did laying hands on them signify?

Ask a Friend

  • How have you developed as a disciple / leader?
  • Can you share an example of something you have done to help develop someone’s leadership?


What have you learned about leadership from this study, and are there any steps you could take to grow in the area of leadership?


Lord, I’m so thankful for your example and for the people you put in my life to disciple me and train me to become a leader. Help me to help others grow in their faith and become leaders.

Key Verse