Strengthening my Relationship with Jesus

Tests, Trials & Temptation

Growing Pains

Tests show us what we are made of. They expose strengths and weaknesses in us. But God is with us in the tests, trials and temptations to help us become strong, where we were once weak or needed to grow. God wants us to become the best that we can be and help us through lifes many challenges.


How were they tested? What can we look forward to?

How can you test yourself?

How does God protect those who obey?


What is the purpose of trials?

What is important to God?

How does God rescue Godly people from their trials?

How long will our troubles last?

What do they produce?


Where does temptation come from?

The devil anticipates our strong desires and works away at them.
What are some examples of desires that we need to surrender to God?

Our Great Example — Jesus

How is Jesus able to help us in our testing?

What did Jesus endure and why?

What can we learn from Jesus example of overcoming temptation?

How should we pray?

Ask a Friend

Can you share from your experience about a test that helped you to grow?


Are there any areas in which you are being tested now?

How can you apply what you have learned in this study to your situation?


Lord, please help me to endure in times of testing, trials and temptation. Strengthen me so I don’t give into temptation, and rescue me from the evil one.

Key Verse

Study Topics