Leading Others to Jesus

The Great Commission

Jesus’ Commission

Before Jesus went to heaven, He commissioned His disciples to continue His mission — making disciples throughout the world. God’s method of taking the Good News to the nations and making disciples is to partner with us in His Great Mission.


Why is it important for people to be sent?

How were Jesus’ disciples prepared and authorized before they were sent?


Where did Jesus take the Good News?

How did Jesus empower His disciples to be sent? Where did He send them?


What was Jesus’ purpose in calling the disciples?


How does Jesus instruct us to make disciples?

What did Jesus promise His disciples?

Ask a Friend

What things can distract us from fulfilling God’s Great Commission?


How can you respond to Jesus’ commission? And how could you make it part of your life style?


Lord, please help me tell people the Good News about what You have done for me. Help me to be confident in making disciples of people from all nations, but especially where I live.

Key Verse