Leading Others to Jesus

Seeing Potential in People

Some of the disciples may not have seem the most likely choice, but Jesus saw potential in them that went beyond what people could see with their natural eyes. In fact, the disciples would go on to become men and women of honor, tenacity, self-sacrifice and power in the Holy Spirit.

Who Has Potential

Read the following scriptures and describe the qualities of a potential leader.

Who Is Ready to Lead

What kind of person is ready to take the responsibility of leader in the church?

List the qualities of a leader in the church.

Let the Weak Say “I Am Strong”

What do the following scriptures say about people who don’t see potential in themselves?

Ask a Friend

  • What have you learned about being a leader?
  • Do you see potential in yourself?
  • Do you think this study has helped you identify potential leaders?


What is the next step for you personally?


Lord, I would like to be a good leader in all areas of my life. Please help me to grow in my own potential, and help me to help other people grow in their potential.

Key Verse