Connect Group Leaders Training

Step 2: The Character of a Connect Group Leader

1. Be a shepherd! Desire the role, not for personal gain, but because you desire to serve God and people.

2. Be a friend not a boss. Serve people joyfully.

3. Be committed to being a good example. That means, love and represent the House of God (the Church) with Godly values of love, forgiveness and faith. Model a consistent Christian life in words and actions.

4. Be committed to being a disciple (follower) of Jesus Christ (i.e. have a teachable heart).

5. Be a signpost – pointing people to Jesus and the Word of God. The goal is not to make people dependent on us (our thinking or advice), but on Jesus and His Word.

6. Be inspired and positive as you lead. Speak well over people’s lives. Believe the best for them.

7. Be Word based. Encourage people to make decisions based on God’s Word. Our role is to share principles of God’s Word, but never to make decisions for people.

8. Be excited to be a continual learner.

The 2 Main Roles of a Connect Group Leader


Keys To Being An Inspiring Teacher

A. Able to teach

B. Teach with authority (spend time with Jesus).

C. The goal in teaching is simplicity, not complexity.

D. God helps us become great teachers and coaches.



Keys To Praying For People

  • Be Persistent
    Pray frequently and with joy
  • Be Brief
    Prayer doesn’t need to be long or loud, or eloquent – just heart-felt.
  • Be Faith-filled
    Believe for a great answer to prayer.
  • Be Appropriate for the context (usually in a public space).
    Touching people during prayer is not necessary, but if you do plan to touch someone, please ask for permission first. Holding hands in a circle every week might feel comfortable for you, but there are many people who don’t enjoy touch, including holding hands.