Connect Group Leaders Training

Step 5: Keys to Leading in Today’s Society

Leading the Way in Social Media

It is our sincere belief that people should be able to express themselves. However, as volunteers in the church we should remember that we are salt and light and therefore we reflect not only the church but also, more importantly, we reflect Christ. If our online posts are argumentative, controversial, hateful, or otherwise offensive, the church and local community is not served well, nor is God glorified.

  • Celebrate Jesus, more than yourself, social, cultural or political issues. While what we post may not change the world, Jesus can certainly transform lives.
  • Anticipate the impact of your words and images. Our opinions, cultural and political, touch people in different ways: intellectually, emotionally, and sometimes even physically. What we wrestle with intellectually, another person may feel emotionally or physically.
  • Take responsibility. Make sure you are always honest and accurate when posting information or news, and if you make a mistake, please own it and correct it quickly.
  • Avoid posting other peoples’ work without giving credit. Do not post music or movie shares, images, literature, Pinterest, etc. without permission from (and credit to) the artist or owner. Link to the source where possible.
  • Present us with excellence. As a leader, once you associate yourself with Lifehouse Church, others will too. That means all your personal social media platforms should reflect these guidelines.

Leading the Way in Business Contacts in the Church

It is our desire to create a safe place for people to experience God and church life. We believe that people generally expect that church should NOT be a place where business is conducted and nor do we want to create an environment where motive for relationship is potentially influenced, or perceived to be influenced by business opportunities. Therefore, the following guidelines provide guidance on business practices of leaders within the context of Lifehouse Church.

  • Conduct business in a manner worthy of our values. Please refrain from selling or promoting products or services in which there is a vested interest of financial gain. This specifically includes distribution of advertising material, invitations, email messages, and/or phone calls for the purposes of soliciting business, party-plan selling, multi-level marketing, and network marketing.
  • Keep business promotion separate from church. Set up a separate social media account for business.
  • Personal product deliveries should not be made in the church building or at church activities. This includes events, Connect Groups, etc.
  • We recommend leaders refrain from seeking professional advice or making business enquiries during church activities. Let Church, be Church.
  • We recommend Connect Group leaders refrain from giving professional advice during church activities. Community Connect group leaders who are leading business oriented groups should focus on teaching biblical principles for success in business, rather than giving direction or advice regarding business products.
  • Lifehouse Church does not take any responsibility for any business transactions between individuals.
  • Lifehouse Church will promote certain activities, products, and services. Where they are considered beneficial to members and are within the bounds of the expectations of a church. The activities will include, but not be limited to Lifehouse Conferences, which including promotional material, Lifehouse Worship and its product/resources, and the product/resources by visiting ministries.

Leading the Way in Confidentiality

While confidentiality is important for honest open relationships, leaders need to inform the people seeking prayer or advice that it may be in their best interest that a Hub Leader or Pastoral staff be informed. Therefore, leaders cannot promise confidentiality. However, leaders must be discreet with the information they are told. They are not at liberty to share confidential information with the leader’s own acquaintances, family or friends.

  • Information given during prayer should not be put on social media of any kind, even as encouragement or sympathy in difficulty. Everything is confidential and must be treated with sensitivity. If a person gives permission to share personal information, ask the person to give permission in writing.
  • Connect Group leaders should seek guidance from Pastoral staff when faced with ethical dilemmas in regards to people at risk and the law. If there is a risk of harm, either to the person concerned or to others, leaders must consider it their legal duty to break confidence.