Strengthening my Relationship with Jesus

Connect Groups

Growing Together

Connect Groups help us to grow in God as individuals, and are also a building block to growing the whole church. A Connect Group is a group of guys or girls who meet regularly to study God’s Word and apply it to their lives. The Connect Group is led by a mature Christian who has been chosen to lead.

What Is a Connect Group?

Acts 2:42-47, 5:42: about the early church.

When did they meet?

Where did they meet?

What was their core message?

In what situation does Jesus promise His presence?

What Happens in a Connect Group?

Apply God’s Word to our lives –

Learn from our Connect Group leader –

Encourage and get to know each other –

Be honest with and pray for each other –

Connect Groups Are for Growth

Personal Growth

How does Connect Group help you to grow in God?

Training Towards Leadership

Why should we and how can we grow towards leadership?

Evangelism and Multiplication

How can Connect Groups help to grow the church?

Ask a Friend

How has being part of a Connect Group helped your life?


We should come to Connect Group each week eager to learn from God’s Word, we should be ready to receive encouragement and challenges, and to then apply them to our lives. We should also be ready to participate and contribute as our leader leads the group. In what other ways can we apply God’s Word from this study to our lives?

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, I thank You that when we meet in a Connect Group, that You are here with us. Lord I commit myself to growing in this group. Please help me to apply Your Word to my life and prepare me to lead and encourage others with Your Word.

Key Verse

Study Topics