Growing in my Relationship with Jesus

Jesus is Coming Back!

Looking Forward to the End

Jesus will come back to earth again! Although no-one knows exactly when He will return, we should live our lives always prepared for His coming. We can do this by living righteous lives and by helping others to know Jesus.

Jesus’ Return

What happened after Jesus left earth?


Jesus said that before He comes, many will claim to be Him, and that it will be a time of many wars and natural disasters, and a time when there will be a lot of sin in the world (Matthew 24)

We know that Jesus will come back in the same way in which He left (Acts 1:11) , and that He will come in glory (Matthew 25:31).

When Jesus comes back, He will gather all the living Christians together (Matthew 24:31), resurrect those that have died (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18), and destroy death (1 Corinthians 15:25-26).

What else will Jesus do when He comes back?

Looking Forward

How should we live while we wait for Jesus’ return?


Why can we look forward to Jesus’ return?

Looking Out for Others

What should we be doing for others while we wait for Jesus to come back?


How should we encourage other people to live their lives?


What must happen before Jesus comes back?


Therefore, what can we do to make that time come sooner? (2 Peter 3:12)

Ask a Friend

  • In what ways are you encouraged about Jesus coming back?
  • Do you have any other questions about Jesus’ return?


  • Based on this truth, what should we do?
  • What attitude should we have while we are living in this world?

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, I am looking forward to Your return! I want to please you with the way I live. Please help me to tell many people about You.

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