Growing in my Relationship with Jesus

Overcoming Rejection

God Accepts Us

Most people will feel rejected at some time in their life. Being hurt by people close to us and being in broken relationships can make us feel unwanted and alone. The Good News is that God heals our pain and He accepts us and loves us unconditionally.

The Pain of Rejection

Read John 4:3-29 and answer these questions.

This woman came to the well by herself in the middle of a hot day because she was rejected in her society for getting married many times.

Why was the woman surprised by Jesus?

In life, what can happen to make people feel rejected?

What are some of the consequences of feeling rejected?

What do people do in order to be accepted by others?

How did Jesus show that He accepted the woman?

Jesus Was Rejected

How do we know that Jesus can understand our feelings about rejection?

How Can We Overcome Rejection?

In this story in John 4, the woman’s life was completely changed when she decided to believe what Jesus said. Let’s take these steps and apply these verses to our lives.


1. Accept God’s unconditional love –

2. Exchange your needs for God’s “Living Water” –

3. Rejoice that you have become God’s child! –

Ask a Friend

  • Have you ever felt rejected?
  • How can you know that God accepts you?


As we pray, let’s ask God to search our hearts and reveal to us any rejection that we’re holding on to and the affect that it has had on our lives. Remember that God accepts us and loves us unconditionally and he can heal us from the pain of rejection.

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, I thank You that You love me and accept me. I give my feelings of rejection to You and ask You to heal me as I forgive those who have hurt me. Thank You that You have made me Your child.

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